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Foveon 14MP Senor unveiled
news posted on September 26, 2006

surveilance cameras
surveilance cameras
 surveilance cameras

Foveon sensorThe latest in Foveon’s large format CMOS image sensors, the device achieves significantly longer exposure times, broader ISO speed capability, and improved dynamic range over previous generations of X3 sensors. Foveon X3
direct image sensors capture full-measured colour images through a unique stacked pixel design. By capturing three colour pixels at each pixel location, the need for colour interpolation and artifact-reducing blur filters is eliminated. As a result, for the 1.7x FLM optical format the Fx17-78-F13 sensor delivers the highest resolution possible without colour artifacts. The sensor also features the powerful Variable Pixel Size (VPS) technology, allowing on-chip analog pixel binning for high frame rate video operation. Using VPS, the high resolution 14 megapixel sensor can be programmed to run as a “3-CCD” quality video sensor, producing VGAx3 video at 30fps.


Foveon X3 Technology

- A stack of three pixels captures superior colour fidelity by measuring full colour at every point in the captured image or video.
- Images and video have improved sharpness and immunity to colour sampling artifacts (such as Moiré patterns) over traditional colour filter array CCD and CMOS sensors.
- Foveon X3 technology directly converts light of all colors into useful signal information at every pixel location – no light absorbing filters are used to block the incident light.

Variable Pixel Size (VPS™) Technology

- Neighboring pixels can be grouped together on-chip to obtain the effect of a larger pixel.
- Enables flexible video capture at a variety of resolutions – producing high quality video free of sub-sampling artifacts.
- Enables higher ISO speed operation at reduced resolutions by increasing signalto- noise ratio.

Integrated Digital Control

- Image sensor register control with a simple 3-wire interface.
- Allows full programming of readout and binning modes, including windowing and VPS.

Low Power and Simple Voltage Requirements

- Use of advanced CMOS process technology enables low power consumption.
- Input voltages range from -0.5V to 2.5V.

Low Noise and High Speed

- Low-noise 3-colour parallel analogue readout.
- Dynamic range in excess of 62dB.
- Full frame readout speed of more than 5fps, with capability to read out VGAx3 VPS video at 30fps

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