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Olympus E-410 - reviews and sample photos
news posted on October 17, 2007

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surveilance cameras
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Olympus E-410 - reviews and sample photosExtraordinary compactness, leading-edge technology and brilliant performance distinguish the new Olympus E-410 from the rest. This successor to the E-400 is one of the world’s most compact D-SLRs with Live Preview. Photographers benefit from exceptional mobility and are not limited to only looking through the viewfinder when framing compositions – as is the case in most D-SLRs – but can also frame their subject directly on the large 2.5”/6.4cm HyperCrystal LCD. Thanks to compatibility with the Four Thirds Standard, a supreme selection of lenses and other accessories is at the disposal of users to extend the potential areas of application. Meanwhile, a new, professional-grade Live MOS sensor ensures 10 Megapixels of high-definition image recording under all conditions.

CNET reviewed Olympus E-410 and wrote:
"In general, the E-410 is capable of producing very good photos; in that respect, it differs little from competitors like the Nikon D40x and Canon EOS 400D. It takes a little more effort to get there, however -- a bit of an absurdity given Olympus' marketing it as a nonthreatening step up for the point-and-shoot photographer. If the Live View mode or compact design appeals to you, go to your local retailer and give the E-410 a try to make sure that their appeal lives up to your expectations."
Read whole review here reviewed Olympus E-410 and wrote:
"Some people may find the E-410 a little small in the hand - but that didn't stop the classic OM series from becoming one of the most favoured tools of travel photographers. Others may be unsure about committing to the Four Thirds sensor that's been championed by Olympus. Other manufacturers use rather larger sensors in their SLRs. However, if you can get over those two points then you'll be rewarded with a really great camera that produces excellent results."
Read whole review here

Trusted reviews reviewed Olympus E-410 and wrote:
"Although currently slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, the E-410 has several advantages, not least its compact dimensions, low weight and useful live view feature. It also offers fast performance, extremely high image quality and a very wide range of creative control. If you want a highly portable DSLR and aren’t too bothered about image stabilization then the E-410 would make a rewarding enthusiast’s camera."
Read whole review here
Sample images

Digital camera resource page reviewed Olympus E-410 and wrote:
"Photo quality is somewhat disappointing at default settings, though it can be improved upon easily. Straight out of the box, the camera produces images that are pretty soft, and often underexposed. Fixing the first one is easy: go to the menu and turn the noise filter option to either low (my choice) or off. Yes, your images will be noisier (especially if you turn the thing off), but they'll be sharper and more detailed. If you skipped the body of the review to read the conclusion, scroll up for lots of examples. The exposure issue can be resolved by either using auto bracketing, or just turning up the exposure compensation 1/3 stop or so (though sometimes it will take a lot more than that). Colors seemed a little flat to me -- though that's purely subjective -- and if you agree you can adjust the saturation setting. Noise wasn't really a problem unless you turned the noise filter off, and even then it wasn't too bad until ISO 1600. Purple fringing was not a problem on any of the lenses I tested. Our flash test had slight amounts of redeye, but not enough to concern me. If you do encounter any redeye, you can remove it via a tool in playback mode."
Read whole review here
Sample images

Pocket Lint reviewed Olympus E-410 and wrote:
"A camera packed to the gunnels with so much excellent kit and user control might cost twice as much; the E400 I criticised for being to dear, now pricing is much better and as a result I can heartily recommend the E410 to anyone because the other bonus of this model is it is available world wide."
Read whole review here

Imaging resource reviewed Olympus E-410 and wrote:
"Still, I know that I can make great images with the Olympus E-410, because I have. It's a camera I'd love to take on a hike, or carry on a daily basis, but I'd have to spend some more time solving the problems I've mentioned. Unless your needs are specifically for a very small camera that you'll be shooting primarily in daylight -- and you have no problem regularly tweaking images -- I think most consumer needs will be served better with a different SLR. Those who are into photography and/or love the whole Four-Thirds philosophy would probably be happier with the Olympus E-510. Tinkerers who have been waiting for a small SLR and like to make good products better with a little attention to detail will love the Olympus E-410. The E-410 is a good camera in the hands of an experienced photographer, but not the best choice for the average consumer."
Read whole review here
Sample images

EPhotozine reviewed Olympus E-410 and wrote:
"Well, it's been an almost indecently short time between updates to the E-410 and the main difference is the Olympus CCD has been replaced by the Live MOS chip, giving better image quality and noticeably less noise. Live preview is now in color - showing exactly what the sensor will see, but the system is very clumsy with the prism clunking back and forth. Handling is exactly the same, with just one button changing function. Being small it is harder to hold more comfortably and securely than a Nikon D40x or a Canon EOS 400D, but the build quality is a lot better than either of those two. The E-410 feels much more solid and the controls have a good amount of feedback to them. The E-410 is good for shooting in small bursts and has that RAW option for better quality. The image quality in general is fine, with admirable control of colour fringing and plenty of detail at higher ISOs. There's a point to note about the focal length shift on the E-410 and that is because the CCD is small, the focal length for each lens is shifted by a factor of two. So, the 14-42mm kit lens is actually 28-84mm."
Read whole review here

NEO Camera reviewed Olympus E-410 and wrote:
"The Olympus E-410 is a feature-rich camera with an effective dust-reduction. Only its 3-point auto focus system and viewfinder size are less than average in terms of specification. Nevertheless, the focusing system is fast and accurate. What the E-410 also does is trade-off ergonomics, mostly due to the lack of a hand-grip, for a size that is significantly smaller than other DSLR cameras."
Read whole review here

Think camera reviewed Olympus E-410 and wrote:
"Most of the limitations here are small, and so is the camera. That's the big point here; this is a camera that's small and light enough not to take up the bulk of the crazy hand luggage restrictions UK air travelers have to suffer. We reckon that, among rock-hoppers, mountaineers and world travelers, the Olympus E-410 is the camera of choice."
Read whole review here

Press release:

Extraordinary compactness, leading-edge technology and brilliant performance distinguish the new Olympus E-410 from the rest. This successor to the E-400 is one of the world’s most compact D-SLRs with Live Preview. Photographers benefit from exceptional mobility and are not limited to only looking through the viewfinder when framing compositions – as is the case in most D-SLRs – but can also frame their subject directly on the large 2.5”/6.4cm HyperCrystal LCD. Thanks to compatibility with the Four Thirds Standard, a supreme selection of lenses and other accessories is at the disposal of users to extend the potential areas of application. Meanwhile, a new, professional-grade Live MOS sensor ensures 10 Megapixels of high-definition image recording under all conditions. Also new is the image processing engine which features excellent noise performance. It dramatically boosts shooting results and further perfects quality. And naturally, as with all E-System cameras from the inventor of dust-free D-SLR photography, the Olympus E-410 incorporates the patented Supersonic Wave Filter. This ensures that users never need to worry about the harmful effects dust can have on their images.

Exceptional compactness and cutting-edge technology
One of the smallest and lightest D-SLRs with Live Preview in the world, the E-410 gives photographers a decisive advantage. Matched with a range of ultra-compact lenses, this camera allows for virtually unimpeded mobility. It is therefore ideal for taking along on trips, holidays, photo assignments or, for that matter, to just about any shooting situation where a large, bulky camera set-up might compromise the photo opportunities.

The Live Preview function is available for shots with both auto focus (AF) and manual focusing (MF), allowing scenes being framed to be viewed directly on the 2.5”/6.4cm HyperCrystal LCD. The AF function is enabled by simply pressing the AEL/AFL button, which prompts the mirror to fold down momentarily and then quickly pop back up again once the AF measurement has been made. The MF option, meanwhile, allows for superior focusing accuracy as images on the LCD can be enlarged by 7x or 10x. It is therefore ideally suited for macro shooting.

Olympus E-410
Olympus E-410

In the development of this camera, particular emphasis was placed on boosting performance and further reducing image noise. By incorporating a new image processing engine and sensor, this latest Olympus model produces sensationally clear 10 Megapixel results with accurate colour reproduction, and can boast faster processing speeds as well as low power consumption: Sequential shooting at up to 3fps with a seven image RAW buffer in burst mode is possible.

Superior handling
It meets just about every professional demand, yet the E-410 proves that high performance needn’t mean difficult operation. In addition to offering an abundance of adjustable exposure options, including full manual control for unlimited creative freedom, 32 consumer-friendly shooting modes are on board for ease-of-use in all manner of situations. These range from Portrait and Macro to Underwater Wide, Underwater Macro and xD Panorama. Meanwhile, photographers can make use of various colour modes and Black&White filters. What’s more, Live Preview functionality allows users to preview and manage tedious adjustments such as exposure and WB compensation right on the LCD – so photographers can revel in the unique comfort and control this added convenience affords them.
Users have a choice of data storage options: Both CompactFlash and xD-Picture Cards can be used with the E-410, which allows even those upgrading from Olympus compact cameras to continue using their existing cards. And to ensure accessibility across the entire European continent, ten languages are on board and a further 15 can be downloaded if desired.

Olympus E-410
Olympus E-410

With the intuitive placement of buttons and controls, photographers will feel at home with the E-410 in no time. Info screens can be selected to show full advanced information or just the basics, making it very user-friendly, even for beginners. And ensuring quick data transfer between camera and computer, Hi-Speed USB is supported with up to 480 MBit/s.

Wide range of accessories
Users benefit from nearly boundless versatility when choosing accessories for their E-410 thanks to compatibility with the Four Thirds System. This standard is supported by a growing number of companies and ensures full cross-manufacturer compatibility of lenses. In addition, almost the complete line-up of E-System accessories can be used with this model. This includes first-class, near telecentric lenses that cover the full scope of focal ranges from fisheye to ultrazoom. Since Four Thirds Standard lenses are built specifically for the rigorous demands of digital photography, they can achieve higher-aperture shots without being as big and bulky as their non-Four Thirds counterparts. The E-410 also comes equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery that will ensure power requirements are met – even if the shoot goes into overtime. And for capturing beautiful motifs up to 40m below the water’s surface, the Underwater Case PT-E03 is available. When it comes to those underwater shots, count on bright Live Preview to make the experience even more rewarding: Get a better and more accurate view of compositions before you shoot them – and take the guesswork out of D-SLR underwater photography.

Olympus E-410
Olympus E-410

As one of the world’s most compact D-SLRs with Live Preview capability, the E-410 boasts two very convincing arguments. Matched with a high-performance image sensor and a fast new image engine featuring outstanding noise characteristics, ambitious photographers can look forward to superior picture quality and excellent handling that exceeds expectations – while retaining amazing mobility. This intriguing member of the E-System family will be available from June 2007.

The Olympus E-410 digital SLR – main features:

 - Light and compact with Live Preview
 - 10 Megapixel Live MOS sensor
 - New image processing engine
 - Hi-Speed USB 2.0
 - 2.5”/6.4cm HyperCrystal LCD
 - Supersonic Wave Filter for dust protection
 - Dual memory card slots (for xD-Picture Card and CompactFlash)
 - 32 shooting modes (incl. 5 exposure, 7 creative & 20 scene modes)
 - Built-in pop-up flash (GN 10)
 - 3fps with up to seven images in RAW buffer
 - One touch white balance
 - AF-lock functionality
 - Depth of field preview function
 - 49 segment digital ESP
 - Exposure bracketing function
 - Beginners’ and advanced info screen
 - Detailed playback info screen with histogram
 - Based on Four Thirds Standard
 - Optional Underwater Case (PT-E03) available

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