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NEW: If you have some problem or you want us to help you with some of your's work please contact us at this address admin[at]dphotonews and we will choose each week one of the problems and write a tutorial on how to solve the problem. Explain what you want and please don't send pictures larger than 600kb.

Our tutorials:

Curve over letters   Line which is entwining with text
Learn how to entwine line with letters and objects
Interesting photo frame   Interesting photo frame
In this tutorial you'll find out how to make interesting photo frames
Polygon selection   Selection with pen tool
Make selection using only pen tool
Dramatic sunset   Dramatic sunset
Make dramatic sunset using curves
Displace wave   Make film role using Displacement Map
Use displacement map to make various effects on your photos
See through photoshop tutorial   See engine through hood
Goal in this tutorial is to make an effect of penetrating look through car's hood
Change letter   Change button color of the keyboard
Change color of keyboard button easily
Rotten teeth   Rotten teeth
Make rotten teeth from perfect one's
Replacing color   Replacing color
Replacing color of image is very easy
Use photo filter   Use photo filter
Use photo filter to get this extra effect
Advanced web header   Advanced Web header
Make web header in just a few steps
Effects with image and text   Manipulating text and parts of image
Manipulating parts of image is a few clicks away
Reflection illusion   Make reflection illusion
Make reflection of an object like it's standing on glass
Make brush   Make brush from your photo
Making brush from your photo is simple as this
Enhance color   Enhance color of image
Enhance color of an image in just two clicks
Mordor   Create Mordor like scene
Make Mordor from an ordinary image
Red skin   Transform ordinary skin into red
Learn how to transform skin into red and change eye color
Digital Photo News advertisment  
Burning wheel   Burning wheels
Make burning wheels
Easy rotation   Easy rotation of photo
How to easily rotate photo using only Measure tool
Limit file size   Limit file size
You can easily limit what output file size will be
Layer comps   Layer comps
How to bypass history state limits and ease your work
Haze effect   How to make haze on your photo
Everything is done with blur filter and eraser tool
Golden scyscraper   Golden skyscraper
How to make golden skyscraper in just 1 step
Warp speed effect   Warp speed effect
How to make warp speed effect in just a few steps
Make postal mark   Make postal mark
Easy way to make a postal card
Make lips   How to make lips
How to easily draw lips and color them
Make PDA background   Make your own PDA background
Make custom PDA background image for your site
Milka cow   How to make Milka cow
Transform ordinary cow into Milka cow in just 2 steps
Black and White   Black and white handshake
Make black and white persons handshaking
Massive correction   Urban photo correction
Massive photo correction of urban photos
Thicker eyelashes   Thicker eyelashes
How to make eyelashesh look like those from fashion catalogue
Portrait correction   Portrait color correction
How to make colors of your portrait photos more vivid
Half wireframe model   Half wireframe photo
How to make your photo half wireframe in just a few steps
Lightning photo correction   Correction of a lightning photo
How to correct badly exposed lightning photo to one that is perfectly exposed
Panning effect   Panning effect
How to make panning effect with cheap camera
Jewellery   Ring bling
How to make your jewellery bling
Make younger   Subtract someone's age
You can easily fix some things that are almost impossible in real life.
Change brunette to blond   Change brunette to blond
How to change brunette into a blond
Celebrity wallpaper   Celebrity wallpaper
How to easily make effective celebrity wallpaper
Colorizing tatoo   Colorizing tatoo
How to colorize tatoo and make it stick on a body
Lamps at night effect   Lamps in the night
How to make this great effect of night photo
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